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Is a innovative UAV featuring a powerfully simple autonomous flight with the operator in the loop. Has a unique hybrid design that allows the aircraft to launch vertically and transition to horizontal fight; maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and range. Simultaneously collects high resolution (1”/pixel) color R,G,B and (2”/pixel) multispectral R,G,NIR images.
Fixed-Wing type UAV with automatic catapult takeoff and parachute landing, equipped with sophisticated avionics and flight control system. Allows high speed and stability flights with reduced operational training time. The platform allows to carry day and night cameras to capture images used to generate maps and 3D models of terrain and Multispectral cameras used to generate NDVI agriculture maps. 
 DJI M100 platform Multi Rotor type UAV with vertical takeoff and landing capability, equipped with sophisticated avionics and flight control system. Can be adapted to perform different kind of missions of capturing Big Data ranging from images (RGB, Multispectral) to air quality. This platform that can carry image processors and anti-collision systems. 
Multi Rotor type UAV with vertical takeoff and landing capability, equipped with sophisticated avionics, radar sensors and flight control system. The platform allows to carry up to 10 kg of pesticides or Larvicides and has autonomy of 12 to 18 minutes to disperse the product through 6 adjustable nozzles.

Full benefits

Know how the drone technology can do more for your farm

  • Creation of sampling areas for soil analysis and identification of nematodes.
  • Maps for variable rate application of growth regulator as detected areas with nematodes
  • Definition of planting lines for perennial plants and contour lines.
  • Plant count, fault and line overlap
  •  Identification of improperly deposited variable rate fertilizer
  •  Elaboration of planialtimetric maps
  • Quantification of areas of interest
  • Location of areas with presence of invasive plants
  • Automatic application of herbicides at the points identified on the map
  • Location of regions with possible pest attack
  • Automatic application of insecticides according to the "heat map" generated in field sampling
  • Correlation between vegetation indexes and productivity
  • Maps for variable rate applications
    - Fertilization
    - Pesticides
     - Leaf supplements
  • Evolution of phenological stages in the crop (reproductive + vegetative)
  • Application of herbicides in areas difficult to access by traditional means (grotas, reforestation, ditches, soaked grounds)
  • Complementation of the traditional means of spraying with total control of the applied area
  • Precision agricultural spraying in small areas (nurseries, flowers, vegetable gardens, etc. - replaces knapsack)
  • Marking of perennial plants for elimination
  • Precision release of insects for biological control
  • Harvest map adjustments using Drones: with the help of the images obtained at the right stages of the crop, it is possible to complete failures in the collection of productivity data as well as to correct problems in the generation of this data.